There are several ways to promote your video on YouTube, but as a budding YouTuber, you might need help figuring out what would be the best for you. Creating top-notch content is one thing while catering to the right audience is another. That’s why understanding how to promote your video effectively is essential. 

For starters, YouTube video promotion can be categorized under two broad ways; Paid and Unpaid. To promote YouTube channel, you can partner with promotional sites like VeeFly, youtube subscribers which will completely handle your promotional requirements by driving organic traffic to your channel. This is a quick way to get maximum engagement faster. 

However, if you don’t intend to spend, then there are a few ways that the video-sharing giant itself facilitates. YouTubers can always use YT’s promotional features to gain more views and subscribers. Let’s check out what they are. 

How To Promote A Video Using YouTube’s Promotional Features?

To boost or promote YouTube channel, the platform itself offers some features that are sometimes left unnoticed by the YouTubers. Creators can use these features for YouTube promotion as these are available within the platform, and no external help is required. 

Strategic Card Placement

The first feature that is famous for video promotion is using cards. There are four different cards that are listed below:

  • Video Cards: Using this card, you can smartly tag your own video or any other video from YouTube that you want to recommend people to watch. Video cards can be used at perfect timestamps to connect viewers with other videos from your own channel and lead them to watch more and more of your content. 
  • Playlist Cards: YouTubers can link the entire playlist in their videos using this card. If you’ve curated playlists of videos that have similar themes, then you can tag that in one of your videos. This way, the viewer will be directed to a series of videos that are similar to watch they were watching. 
  • Channel Cards: Through this card, you can lead your viewers to another channel on the platform. This channel can be of one of your fellow creator friends, your own second channel, or a brand that has sponsored you.  
  • Link Cards: Do you have a website? Using Link cards direct your viewers to your website using an external link in your video. These cards are highly used as they bring more conversion rates to YouTubers since interested viewers can quickly access your website instead of googling for it. 

Note: You can only use Link cards if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program. 

Strategically placing these cards will help you boost your engagement and build an overall following. 

Creating Video Playlists

Want a viewer to watch more and more of your content? Creating a video playlist will keep a viewer on the hook. When a video ends, instead of finding what to watch next, you give viewers similar content they can watch without leaving your channel. These compilations have videos that play back to back without breaking the link of a viewer. 

Curating End-Screens

At the end of your video, you can add information that leads a viewer to explore more about your channel. To promote your YouTube channel, this is highly recommended, as adding proper templates at the end with suitable cards to direct viewers to more of your content will automatically improve views on your channel. 

Running A Paid YouTube Campaign

If you want to promote videos on a budget, then running YouTube campaigns is a lot more functional. You can work with five different types of YouTube ads to fulfill every promotional need. These are:

  • Bumper ads
  • Display ads
  • Skippable or non-skippable ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Sponsorship Cards

These ads can get even more engagement on videos that are naturally doing good.

Why Is YouTube Video Promotion Necessary?

To gain an advantage in this competitive field, having promotional ideas to push forward your YouTube channel is vital. In the early era of YouTube, only a few people chose the platform as their career, but since the world is in the midst of a digital revolution, mostly everyone is trying to sail their boats on social media. 

To monetize your channel and get more engagement on it, you need to promote your videos. You can use unpaid ways to promote your channel successfully on YouTube. But for faster and better reach, you can also buy view for YouTube. To promote YouTube videos buying engagement from promotional sites will give you improved results faster.


That is everything you must know about YouTube’s features to help you efficiently promote your videos without thinking much about spending money on your promotion. Use these features in your videos to boost your engagement gradually on the platform.