The saying that we have to love ourselves first before loving others is not just empty talk. It is really important to have this for ourselves before we pour out love and affection to our partner.

If you’re interested in dating, it’s essential to understand the following reasons. Don’t risk losing your sense of self by entering into a relationship without loving yourself first. 

Are you wondering why self-love is crucial before dating? Let’s explore the reasons below and find out!

1. Better understand your priorities

If you don’t love yourself, you will tend to be more easily manipulated by a toxic partner. Every word your partner or even the orders he gives you will obey. You, who initially still don’t know what your priorities are in life or relationship, will instead be increasingly swayed by this.

You will choose to obey your partner rather than follow your heart’s desire. When you are single, you still have time to contemplate the priorities you wish to achieve in the short or long run. But do remember, once you find the right partner, make sure to uphold those priorities and don’t sell short these just because you want to accommodate your partner.

2. Maintaining your identity

Loving yourself ensures that you retain your sense of identity. Before entering a relationship, you already feel complete and don’t feel the need to change who you are for someone else. You won’t compromise your identity just to please your partner.

If your partner genuinely accepts you, they won’t try to alter anything about you or make you lose your identity. Meeting them allows you to not only fall in love with them but also embrace and cherish yourself even more.

3. Have your own standards 

Loving yourself will indirectly make you have your own standards in relationships. You will know better what you want, what you are looking for, or what you need in a relationship. Furthermore, you can also bravely communicate with your partner if you notice that there is something that needs to be improved in the relationship itself. 

This will be different if you don’t fully love yourself first. You will be willing to lower your standards just to be with someone you like.

4. Easier to get out of a toxic relationship

Loving yourself can also be said as a sign that you know yourself. You know what you have to do and what needs to be done to protect your own self. Especially when you are trapped in a toxic relationship.

You are not easy to take advantage of, and you are not easily manipulated, because you know very well that the relationship you are in is worth maintaining or not.  That way, when your relationship with your partner starts to feel toxic, you will be alert and immediately take the steps necessary to end it rather than having to be left stranded and feel endless heartache.

5. Won’t be blind because of love

Love can indeed make you blind. But, for people who love themself and are aware of their needs; you will still be able to hold on to your logic. Even though you feel that you are self-deprecated, you still know your boundaries, and you know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Occasionally, individuals may fall into the trap of being easily deceived by their partners, leading them to blindly follow their partner’s commands and ignore the concerns of others. However, if you prioritize self-love before entering a relationship, you can avoid falling into such situations.

6. Won’t make your partner the center of your world

Have you ever been so deeply in love with your partner that you placed him above everything else? You forgive all his mistakes, and he becomes the sole focus of your life, neglecting everything else around you.

Despite the intensity of your feelings for your partner, it’s crucial not to make him the center of your world entirely. Remember, you have your own individuality and self-love that also needs attention and nurturing.

How to Cultivate Self-Love?

As you know now, ensuring self-love is really important before delving into a relationship. But for someone who has never practiced self-love before, this might be confusing. Worry not, below are the five ultimate things you need to do, so you can love yourself easily. 

  • Encourage yourself with positive affirmation

Regularly speak positive affirmations to yourself to build belief in these statements. Embrace your unique beauty and worth, and remind yourself that no one can bring you down. Look in the mirror daily and confidently express these affirmations. You don’t even need to be fully convinced at first, just allow yourself to do it freely.

  • Put yourself first 

Whenever there’s a chance to prioritize yourself, seize it without hesitation. If someone seeks help, but you have important tasks to accomplish, it’s okay to politely decline with clear reasons. Understand that putting your interests first doesn’t mean you are selfish. It’s about self-care and maintaining a healthy balance.

Learn to distinguish situations where helping others in dire need is necessary, but also know when it’s essential to focus on your well-being.

  • Disregard negative comments

To truly love yourself, start by tuning out unpleasant comments, especially from those who have no insight into your life and struggles. Remember, you are in control of your self-worth, not others.

  • Reward yourself

Don’t hesitate to reward yourself after a job well done, or whenever you have extra cash. It won’t hurt anybody and definitely will help spark some happiness in your life. Rewarding yourself is an act of self-love that shows that you appreciate yourself for the thing that you have done.

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Embracing self-love is simpler than it seems, you can follow the steps above in order to practice self-love better. Loving yourself first will also help you to have a fulfilling and healthy relationship with your future partner.