Drinking alcohol can have a lot of negative effects, including hangovers. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid drinking altogether. From mocktails crafted with high-end mixology to beer that looks the part, there’s a growing market for beverages that don’t contain alcohol. Here are some of the reasons you should give them a try.

They Taste Great

Whether you’re cutting back during Dry January or want to sip something healthy when you’re out with friends, alcohol-free beverages are the way to go. They’re tasty, healthy, and they keep you hydrated. Non alcoholic spirits, wine, and beer use real ingredients like fruits and herbs to craft drinks that taste amazing and are good for you. They also have fewer calories than their boozy counterparts. Brewers at the forefront of non-alcoholic beer use high-tech, top-secret methods to create products that taste more like traditional craft beer without adding sugar. The result is bold, delicious beers that are indistinguishable from the alcohol-containing ones they’re inspired by. 

They’re Healthy

Non-alcoholic beverages offer a great opportunity to drink in moderation without damaging your health. Heavy drinking is linked to many issues, including liver damage, fatty liver, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and dementia. Non-alcoholic drinks also provide the opportunity to drink a hydrating beverage that can help with digestive health, and many of them contain vitamins and minerals your body can use. In addition to hydration, non-alcoholic beers and wines can support healthy cholesterol levels and lower your risk of coronary disease. While there’s a growing market of non-alcoholic spirits, wine and beer, some brands are taking it to the next level with ready-to-drink cocktails and mixers infused with adaptogens, nootropics and serotonin-boosting Botanics. 

They’re Fun

Whether you’re abstaining from alcohol for Dry January or want to cut back on how much you drink, non-alcoholic beverages can help. These brews can keep you hydrated without any negative effects of standard alcohol, like dehydration, bloating and brain fog. Many brands have even created drinks to appeal to teetotalers. Plus, there are many other great alternatives to standard drinks like cocktails, wine and beer. There are many options, from artisanal wines and sparkling pink roses to botanical spirits and zero-proof spirits.

They’re Social

Drinking can be a great social lubricant in certain situations, but it also has serious downsides like hangovers, poor productivity and a general sense of unwellness. Fortunately, non-alcoholic beverages are a fantastic alternative to help you easily build relationships and friendships. The burgeoning sober-curious movement has seen many brands emerge that make it easier than ever to drink without alcohol. Some spirit drinks combine adaptogens and serotonin boosters with their beverages; these brands are making it easier for customers to enjoy a drink without alcohol. A non-alcoholic drinks menu at your restaurant or bar is the best way to show that you value your guests’ health and well-being. Providing these options is as important as offering vegetarian or gluten-free meals and shows your commitment to inclusivity.

They’re Affordable

Not so long ago, alcoholics who wanted to avoid drinking were stuck with soda, club soda, lemonade or those spiffed-up fruity concoctions that we shuddered to call “mocktails.” Today, there are all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks available. You can purchase bottles of the best for around $20 to $30 online, which is still much cheaper than a full-strength beer in the same price range. Alcohol can cause serious physical injury to your body and play a role in several medical conditions, including cirrhosis, fatty liver, pancreatitis, gout, and heart disease. The good news is that switching to non-alcoholic beverages can help you prevent these issues.

They’re Convenient

A decade ago, the non-alcoholic drinks scene was unrecognizable. To the delight of sober people, pregnant folks and Dry January optimists, there’s a burgeoning market of zero-proof spirits from major distilleries, good alcohol-free beers and chic aperitifs. But the real star of this category is non-alcoholic beer, which has seen sales skyrocket in recent years thanks to brands. The latter even offers a dark lager that tastes like it’s been brewed with malt. That’s the kind of realistic, full-bodied brew that can leave you feeling like your old self without leaving you with stout regrets.

They’re Zero Proof

The popularity of zero-proof drinks — also known as spirit-free drinks or mocktails — is on the rise. More people opt for booze-free cocktails for health reasons, religious beliefs, pregnancy, or simply a desire to drink responsibly. Breweries are at the forefront of zero-proof beverages, using high-tech, top-secret processes to produce booze-free brews indistinguishable from their alcohol-containing counterparts. For those looking to limit their alcohol intake or for those who are teetotalers, these drinks are a great and healthy alternative. However, they still have calories, so moderation is important. Luckily, many also contain natural ingredients and adaptogens to help boost mood and well-being.