Giving charity and doing honorable acts of kindness to help others is rare but beautiful to see. There are so many people that need support, not only in financial ways, but even by being there for a friend, smiling at someone, or visiting a neighbor, you can make someone’s day and bring joy to their lives.

1. It makes you feel good

Have you ever given some money to charity or helped someone with a small act of kindness? That feeling you get after being able to help someone is amazing. Giving charity truly makes you feel good. Studies have shown that giving charity and helping people improves your mood. The chemicals released in the brain are like those when you are experiencing joy from things like eating, giving someone a hug, or exercising.

2. Make the world a better place

By doing your bit, whether it be by donating, supporting or volunteering, your donations and support can have a huge impact and make the world a better place. By helping others, you can change their outlook on life if they were depressed; you can help people to see the joy in life who were suicidal; or you can make your community a better and safer place for your children to grow up in and give back to.

3. Be a role model – encourage others to do good

Even though sometimes it feels like one act of kindness can’t make a global impact, it can. Every little action and positive output you give to others can spark a spiral effect and encourage others to do good. This could be from someone seeing you help a homeless person. And then them doing the same at a later time.

It is even more important to be a role model for your family and children, so helping others, perhaps by volunteering at a food bank with your kids, will encourage them to be generous in life.

4. Benefits people more today than ever

With the cost-of-living crisis and financial difficulties of today’s society, by helping others, you can ease their burdens. To do this, you could offer to pay for a stranger’s grocery bill or cover the cost of materials at a school, community center or charity event.

5. Bring communities together

You can help to bring your neighbours and community together through giving. How? Organize charity events, whether they be bake sales, auctions, or football tournaments, where money can Christmas appeal be raised for charity whilst unity and love are built within the community.

6. Fulfil religious obligations

In some religions, such as Islam, giving charity is highly recommended and encouraged, if not compulsory at times. Sadaqah refers to voluntary acts of charity that one can give. Examples of Sadaqah can include:

  • Paying for someone’s food
  • Feeding the poor
  • Visiting the sick
  • Planting or watering a tree
  • Caring for an animal
  • Teaching beneficial knowledge to others
  • Smiling!

Muslims also give 2.5% of their overall wealth to charity every year as a means to fulfil God’s commands and help the poor and needy. This is called Zakat.

Muslims often by providing orphan food parcels, as these are some of the most vulnerable people in the world that need help. Particularly for those in countries with little access to food, clean water, medication and adequate shelter, help is needed.

Give Charity and Help Others

So, with the above, and many more reasons to give charity, help others however you can, whether it be in material, financial or time form. Here are some examples of how to help others:

  • Volunteer your time at local community events
  • Volunteer for a charity
  • Get involved in fundraising for charities by doing sponsored runs, swims or boat races.
  • Visit the elderly and sick
  • Cook food for the homeless
  • Use kind words and smile
  • Hold doors open for others
  • Comfort someone in grief
  • Gift presents to family and friends to show your appreciation