Yachting refers to the use of boats or ships called yachts for recreational or sporting activities on sea, meanwhile, a yacht is a vessel used for sporting or any recreational activity carried out on sea. The different types of yacht available are; motor yacht, sailing yacht and specialized yacht with motor yachts being the most popular. Each of these different types of yachts can have their own sub category, for example; a specialized yacht could be divided into superyacht, charter yachts or sport fishing yacht, depending on the kind of vacation you wish to have. Here are some irresistible benefits of renting a yacht in Dubai;

  1. Luxury and comfort: When you choose yacht rent Dubai, you gain access to opulent amenities such as spacious cabins, air conditioning, expensive dining treats, and five star overall experience. A yacht redefines luxury unlike no other recreational activity making it a must do activity for everyone.
  2. Improves mental well being: Water is not just the best medicine, it also serves as a profound therapist. Research has shown that being close to a natural water body helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, thereby giving you a feeling of ease and tranquility. Anytime you feel tired, confused, depressed or even rejected, just go yachting in Dubai and you will experience a new feeling of serenity, effectively eliminating all the stress and making you feel alive again.
  3. Exposes you to Vitamin D: Many of us live all our lives focused with work and mostly indoors during our free periods, this has greatly deprived us from the necessary amount of vitamin D required for good health and building strong bones. You can turn the tables simply by going yachting in Dubai and absorbing some vitamin D; however, it is important to apply sunscreen to avoid damaging the skin.
  4. Explore Wild destinations: Sailing on a yacht gives you the opportunity to explore uncharted destinations otherwise inaccessible by other means of transport. While there are several other activities to participate in on a yacht, the luxury of exploring hidden gems and cruising along virgin coastlines is a feeling like no other.
  5. Host a special event: There is no better way to make an event special than hosting it on a yacht. Be it a birthday party, an anniversary, a date or even a wedding ceremony, hosting on a yacht enhances the experience for everyone involved. It is also a guaranteed way to impress your guests without even trying.
  6. Make someone feel special: A yacht is the perfect romantic getaway for you and your spouse. It is the perfect opportunity to build stronger relationships and mend broken ties. The serene and undisturbed environment gives you a chance to talk, play, laugh and make unforgettable experiences.
  7. Fun: Sailing on a yacht does not just offer tranquility, it is also almost the best playground ever. So many fun activities can be carried out on board, like water sports, deep sea fishing and scuba diving. 


Yachting in Dubai is very thrilling; there are numerous entertainment activities one can explore. It is an ideal spot for unwinding both physically and psychologically. Renting a yacht from a reputable marketplace will even enhance your experience more by providing professional customer service and exceptional crew members on board who will ensure to make your trip a memorable one. In the past, yachting used to be a thing of the wealthy, however, with the rise of technologically advanced yachting companies and inclusive marketplaces like OneClickDrive, yachting in Dubai is now a recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all. When you go yachting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or some other places, you get to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature with the calming and exhilarating scenery and surroundings.