Surf’s up, and so is the quest for the perfect wave of gifts for people who surf! Embracing the sun-kissed beaches and the thrilling dance with the ocean, surfing is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle steeped in adventure and camaraderie. But what do you get for those who find their bliss riding the crests and troughs of the sea? That’s where we glide in! Dive into our handpicked selection of the Top 10 gifts for people who surf. From practical to profoundly personal, these ideas promise to make waves, bringing joy to every surfer’s heart and a smile as bright as the summer sun. Let’s catch this wave together!

How to Choose the Perfect Surfing Gift

When scouting for the perfect surfing gift, it’s crucial to ride the right wave of considerations. Quality is king in the surf world – gear that withstands the salty embrace of the sea and the test of time is always a winner. Practicality, too, is paramount; gifts should enhance the surfing experience, not complicate it. Factor in the surfer’s skill level – beginners might cherish a comprehensive guidebook, while seasoned wave riders could appreciate advanced tech gear like a state-of-the-art tide watch.

Sustainability is the crest of modern surf culture. Eco-friendly products resonate deeply with those who cherish the ocean’s health. Lastly, tune into the individual quirks and preferences of your surfer. Do they have a penchant for retro styles, or are they all about cutting-edge designs? This attention to detail will make your gift not just a token, but a treasured part of their surfing saga.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Surf Lovers

Finding the perfect gifts for surfer can be as thrilling as catching the perfect wave. Here’s a roundup of the Top 10 Gift Ideas that are sure to make any surf lover’s heart skip a beat.

High-Performance Surfboard: iRocker Sport 11’

The iRocker Sport 11’ stands out as a dream gift for avid surfers. Its design is a sweet spot for those who prioritize agility and speed in the water. At a sleek 31 inches wide, it’s built for experienced surfers seeking a board that combines speed with graceful maneuverability.

Despite its high-performance nature, this board is surprisingly accessible at $649. Made with military-grade materials, it promises durability and quality. Its versatility is a bonus, catering to family use or an extra buddy on board. The iRocker Sport 11’ isn’t just a gift; it’s a ticket to memorable ocean adventures, making it an unforgettable present for any surf enthusiast.

Advanced Wetsuit Technology: Feral 4mm3 Chest Zip Wetsuit

A standout in wetsuit innovation, the Feral 4mm3 Chest Zip Wetsuit is an ideal pick for those chilly surf sessions. Priced at $415-$420, this wetsuit is crafted from 100% Yamamoto Japanese neoprene, a top-tier, eco-friendly material known for its excellent insulation and flexibility.

Designed by surfers for surfers, the Feral wetsuit’s minimalistic design puts a premium on function and comfort, ensuring free movement and warmth during winter swells. It’s not just a wetsuit; it’s a thoughtful gift that reflects a deep understanding of a surfer’s needs against the cold ocean waves.

Surf Watch with Tide Tracking: Rip Curl Search GPS 2

As we surf through our list of top gifts, let’s not forget a gadget that brings technology right to the surfer’s wrist. The Rip Curl Search GPS 2 is a gem in the world of surfing gear, a perfect blend of technology and practicality. This innovative watch, one of the first to utilize GPS and motion tech specifically for surfers, transforms how they interact with the sea. It meticulously tracks and records every detail of the surf session – from wave count and top speeds to the length and path of each ride.

Priced reasonably, it’s not just a watch but a surf coach on your wrist, offering super accurate tide readings and session statistics. The ease of setup and user-friendliness make it a fantastic gift for tech-savvy surfers eager to analyze and relive their ocean adventures.

Electric fin

The Boost Surfing’s Boost Fin is an exhilarating addition to any surfer’s arsenal. Priced at just $499, this electric fin revolutionizes the surfing experience. It’s perfect for those who crave a little extra push to catch more waves or simply enjoy a more relaxed paddle out.

The fin’s power, equivalent to the thrust of 15 paddlers, ensures you effortlessly glide at speeds up to 10 mph, dramatically increasing wave-catching opportunities. What’s remarkable is its universality – fitting any board with ease and weighing only 2.7 lbs, it’s hardly noticeable until you need its strength. Plus, with a sturdy 60–90 minutes battery life, surfers can focus more on the waves and less on recharging. It’s a thrilling upgrade to any surf session, making it an exciting and thoughtful present for the adventurous surfer.

Surfing Helmet

Safety is paramount in surfing, and the Jobe Base Helmet is a top-tier choice for keeping surfers protected without sacrificing comfort. This lightweight helmet, beloved in the water sports community, is not just a safety gear but a smart addition to any surfer’s kit. The innovative double-layered foam construction molds to the shape of the head, offering a snug and comfortable fit. What’s more, the dual-density ring liner enhances protection while maintaining a featherlight feel. This is a statement of care and attention for any surfer’s well-being, making it an excellent and thoughtful gift.

Eco-Friendly Surf Wax

In the realm of surfing, environmental consciousness is key, and Matuna’s Surf Wax is a testament to this ethos. Made entirely from organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients sourced from a Santa Cruz farm, it’s a choice that respects the ocean. The commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the wax itself; the packaging is 100% recycled paper, printed with recycled ink. Matuna’s offers wax for various water temperatures and conditions, making it versatile for any surfer.

Surfing Jacket

The Gul EVORobe Hooded Dry Changing Robe is a must-have for any surfer, blending privacy and comfort effortlessly. This oversized, hooded robe provides a discreet and cozy solution for changing in and out of wetsuits, especially in public spaces. Its versatility extends beyond the beach; it’s perfect for various outdoor activities or simply as a warm sideline coat at sports events. The robe’s practical design ensures surfers can stay warm and modest, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate functionality and convenience in their surfing lifestyle.

Footwear: Legacy Wetsuit Boots

Gifting footwear, especially in the form of wetsuit boots like the Legacy 5mm GBS Zipped Wetsuit Boots, is a thoughtful way to show care for a surfer’s overall well-being. These boots provide essential warmth, protection, and grip, crucial for navigating the unpredictable conditions of the ocean and its surroundings. Coming at $26.95, they enhance the surfing experience, offering comfort and safety while tackling waves and rocky terrains. Choosing such specialized footwear acknowledges the practical needs of surfers, ensuring their passion for the waves is pursued with both enjoyment and safety in mind.

Paddle Board Leashes

For surfers who enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, a reliable leash is crucial for safety. The Dakine Coiled SUP Leash and the FCS Freedom SUP Leash are top recommendations. Both leashes are known for their strength, durability, and comfort. They ensure the board stays close even after a wipeout, offering peace of mind. With these leashes, surfers can focus on their experience, knowing they have dependable equipment that enhances safety without compromising mobility or enjoyment on the water.

Electric sunglasses

At $220, Electric’s JJF12 sunglasses, co-designed with world champion surfer John John Florence, are a perfect blend of fashion and function for surfers. Their lightweight Rilsan frames and slip-resistant grips suit active lifestyles, while removable eye cups shield against sun, sand, and water. The polarized lenses provide crucial 100% UVA/UVB protection and are treated to repel water and resist scratches. These durable sunglasses not only offer clear vision in challenging conditions but also a stylish edge, making them an exceptional gift for surf enthusiasts who appreciate both practicality and style.


In the quest for gifts for people who surf, it’s clear that thoughtfulness and excitement go hand in hand. Each item on this list has been carefully selected to elevate and enrich the surfing experience. From high-tech gear to eco-friendly accessories, these gifts are not just items; they’re tokens of appreciation for the surfer’s passion. They promise to add joy, safety, and style to every wave-riding adventure. So, whether you’re gifting a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, these choices are sure to make a splash and bring an ocean of happiness to their surfing journey.