How to force yourself to do exercises in the morning? No need to force it – do simple gymnastics right after waking up, without getting out of bed! Feel energetic and start the process of self-rejuvenation using ancient Eastern methods.

Originally from Tibet

According to a popular newspaper, which is still cited by foreign sources to this day, Soviet engineers were building a power plant in Tibet and discovered either a Taoist or a Buddhist monastery. The monks asked the builders to electrify their settlement. And in gratitude, they taught gymnastics, with the help of which they themselves maintained health and prolonged youth and life.

One of the engineers began to practice it, since the exercises do not require significant physical effort. And, according to what was stated in the newspaper, the gray in his hair decreased, and at 84 he felt great, moved freely and had normal vision, did not use glasses.

It is believed that exercise primarily normalizes the functioning of the endocrine system. That’s why exercise is called “hormonal.”

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What does the technique look like?

“Tibetan gymnastics in bed, also known as “morning exercises,” is a set of exercises that are performed right in bed immediately after waking up. It includes stretching, torso rotations, exercises for arms and legs and other elements.

Gymnastics can be performed both in bed and on the floor, depending on your preferences and physical condition.

In bed, exercise will be softer and less stressful on the joints. This is useful if you have problems with them or your back. This exercise is also convenient for those who have difficulty getting up in the morning.

On a hard floor, you will have more freedom of movement and better control of your posture. This will also force the muscles to work more actively, which will increase the intensity of the exercise.

How does it heal?

The morning complex helps to gently transition from a state of sleep to a state of wakefulness. This is a great way to awaken and heal the body.

If we talk about beneficial effects, then Tibetan gymnastics:

accelerates lymph flow, activates the vascular system;

warms up muscles and fascia;

improves blood circulation;

increases flexibility;

prepares the body for everyday activity.

By raising your limbs, shaking and beating them, you eliminate the stagnation of blood that occurs during sleep. When a person sleeps deeply, his muscles are compressed and his capillaries suffer. Also at night the body may experience a lack of water, causing the blood to become thicker. Blood clots can form in compressed veins and arteries.” Later, the rupture of a blood clot can lead to sudden death. Therefore, gentle exercises after sleep can prevent cardiac arrest and hemorrhagic stroke.

Does it really affect hormones?

Gymnastics activates the work of the endocrine glands, thereby raising the level of hormones. Therefore, after awakening, strength and energy appear.

Healers believe that during exercise, active points are affected, which helps open energy chakras. Restoring energy activates the endocrine system, which regulates all processes in the body. In Tibetan medicine there are 19 energy vortexes. The main one goes along the spinal column, the others are near the large joints. Energy in Tibetan medicine is about physical, physiological and mental balance.

From a medical point of view, improving blood circulation heals the body as a whole. The endocrine glands begin to receive adequate nutrition and substrates for the production of hormones. In a person leading a sedentary lifestyle, even minimal physical activity often increases the level of hormones that were insufficient. So there will definitely be no harm from gymnastics. We can talk about the effect of rejuvenation, which is especially important for people of middle age and older.