A table is often the focal point of any room. It’s where you’ll enjoy memorable gatherings with family and friends.

Choosing the right table for your home can be difficult. You’ll need to consider size, shape, and other custom features that make it unique. This guide will help you create the perfect table to suit your space.


Whether you have a dedicated dining room or an open-concept kitchen and living space, the table is often the centerpiece of your home. Choosing the right size can make it more functional while enhancing your home’s aesthetic.

Design tables for maximum versatility so you can accommodate more or fewer guests as needed. If you want to seat more people, we offer leaves that attach at the ends of the table to give you extra surface area. Leaves can be stored away when not in use for a sleeker look.


When it comes to deciding what shape your table should be, there are many different options available. A square or rectangular table is a classic choice and can be great for most spaces. But if you want to add more character to your room, consider a round or oval table. These shapes are also great for seating more people at a time or for creating a more intimate space.

Another important aspect of your custom tables is their height. A taller table can feel more formal, while a shorter one feels more casual. The color of the table can also play a role in its style. A rich color with consistent black shadowing on the edges gives a more traditional look, while a light or even white table can create a more modern vibe.

The final aspect to remember is whether you want a leaf in your custom table. If you’re hosting many dinner parties, a leaf is an excellent option for accommodating guests. You can remove it when you’re not entertaining, which will help to save on storage.

After you’ve created your custom table, it’s time to start editing its properties. To do this, hover over the top left corner of the table and click on the four directional arrows icon. It will pull up the tables property manager where you can change things like what is seen in the BOM, how large the cells are, and more. You can even use the property manager to add new columns and rows.


Whether you want an everyday dining table for large family gatherings, a small space breakfast nook, or an elongated office desk to fit your growing files, there are many materials from which to choose. You can find the perfect material for your custom table, from wood to metal, glass to laminate. And after the table is built, you can finish it to enhance its beauty and durability.

Paint, stain, and even tung oil are available to give your new table a finish that complements the rest of your home décor. Apply three coats for best results to achieve a professional-looking, lasting table. You can also use a chemical cleaner to keep your custom table looking its best.

When selecting your custom tables, it’s crucial to think about how you will use them. 


When custom tables are built, they can be given a variety of finishes, how the table is expected to be used, where it will reside, and even your climate influences your chosen finish.

A wood table may be stained or painted. Staining can be done in various styles, from simple boiled linseed oil that can penetrate the surface and then buffed to a shine with a cloth or sanding block to multiple layers of water-based polyurethane that create a glossy sheen. No matter what type of stain you go with, apply at least three coats for a smooth and professional appearance.

Paint is more of a challenge to apply appropriately. The proper surface preparation is critical to the success of a paint job; vacuuming, sanding down any knots or imperfections, and then sanding again before applying each new coat of paint are all required steps. Using the proper sandpaper grit, start with 100-grit, then move up to 150 and 200-grit.

Restaurant furniture gets lots of wear and tear, and that’s one reason why most restaurateurs cover their tables with linens. There is a solution to this, though a table top coated with AcralyteX, chemically engineered to be more scratch, mar, and heat resistant than standard furniture finishes.

The AcralyteX table top is also an excellent choice for commercial applications; it can be printed with company logos, images, text, dates, email addresses, and more all around the edge of the tabletop. This makes it a great way to connect with customers, associate data with relationships like clients and employees, and ultimately help drive business.


Some homeowners prefer to keep many objects on their tables, from seasoning shakers and napkin dispensers to fresh fruit and drinks. Others prefer a clean, clear tabletop. Either way, it’s essential to consider all objects stored on or around the table when selecting a new one.

For example, if you plan to host many family game nights at the table, then it’s vital to select a durable table that can handle a lot of wear and tear. Also, if you frequently move homes, choose a lightweight table to reassemble and move between different locations quickly.