Purchasing a French bulldog puppy is a life-long commitment. You want to choose the best breeder and puppy for your family. A good breeder will happily answer your questions and provide a health guarantee for your new pet. Ask to see the mother and puppies before you make a purchase.

Look for a Veterinarian

It is essential to visit a veterinarian before you buy French bulldog puppies for sale because they can ensure that the pups are healthy and ready for their new homes. They can also advise you on how to care for your new pet. When you go to the vet, you should ask for a full health check on the puppies. This ensures they have the correct vaccinations and are free from diseases. In addition, you should also ask the breeder to provide you with a list of references and contact information for previous buyers.

A good vet can advise you on how to train your new puppy. For example, they will help you develop the right daily routine for the puppy and help you with training such as obedience and housebreaking.

You should also ask about the health of the mother. This is especially important if you consider buying a French bulldog from a breeder. It is a sign of a responsible breeder if the puppies have a mother who is healthy and has been socialized with humans.

Look for a Reputable Breeder

Adding a French bulldog to your family is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. A reputable breeder will prioritize the health of the dogs and puppies in their care and ensure they are placed with families who can provide them with the best possible life. It is essential to meet the breeder and their facility in person. Be wary of any breeder who refuses to allow this, as it could be a red flag that they are operating a puppy mill. It is also good to ask the breeder for client references and a copy of their breeding policy. You should also ask the breeder how many litters the mother has had in her lifetime. A good French Bulldog mother should only have one or two litters each year, as more pregnancies can lead to several health problems for both the mother and the puppies. You should also ask the breeder if they conduct a thorough genetic screening for each puppy before they are sold.

Look for a Good Bed

Providing your French bulldog puppy with a comfortable bed is integral to their health and happiness. A good dog bed promotes better sleep and can help alleviate joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Most beds for Frenchies are made of soft fabrics that are easy to clean. Some have non-slip bottoms to keep the bed from sliding around, which is useful if you have hardwood or tile floors. Some of these beds are also chew-proof, essential for puppies who like to chew. If your Frenchie has a condition such as joint problems, consider an orthopedic bed that provides support and relieves pressure points. These beds are designed to contour your dog’s body shape, which can help prevent injuries such as hip dysplasia and spinal disorders. In addition, many of these beds are designed to be able to be thrown in the wash for added convenience. 

Look for a Toy

Frenchies are a small breed and need to be kept mentally stimulated. This can be done with various toys, but it is important to look for toys specifically designed and adapted for this breed. This will ensure they are safe, durable, and the right size.

Having the right toy will make it easier to supervise play and keep your puppy from accidentally biting or clawing something they shouldn’t be chewing on. The best type of toy for this purpose is rubber, as it is a strong material and will naturally resist biting and scratching.

In addition, you should also look for a toy that is soft and calming. Many Frenchies have sensitive tummies and can get overstimulated easily. Consider getting a plush toy that plays the heartbeat of their mother dog to soothe them, or even a toy that comes with a one-time use heat pack to mimic the warmth of their parent. These can be very helpful during crate training and other periods when your puppy needs to be left alone.

Look for a Treat

Buying a puppy is a decades-long commitment, so it’s important to consider how to ensure your new French bulldog puppy will be healthy and happy. It is also a good idea to take the time to talk to the breeder about their breeding practices and ask for references. Ask about how often the mother has had litters and how many puppies she’s had in her lifetime. If she’s had too much trash, it can lead to various health issues in the pups. Also, ask the breeder what toys and treats they recommend for training French bulldog puppies. Treats are a great way to reinforce positive behavior and encourage dogs to interact with their humans. They can help improve a dog’s dental hygiene, provide extra vitamins and minerals, and help them stay mentally stimulated.