Sometimes, shopping as a woman is tough, and something like a woman’s wallet seems to only make it tougher. Unlike men’s wallets, which just need to fit into their pockets, women’s wallets have evolved into being something different, they can be a part wallet, part handbag hybrid, and they can range from tiny to document sized. 

What this means is that when you want to shop around for a designer women’s wallet, you can often feel like there’s just too many options on the market, so let’s look at how to make life easier. 

Choose Durable Material 

Seeing as you carry your wallet with you daily, you’re going to want to prioritise quality over anything else. I mean it’s coming with you to the gym, to work, shopping and on nights out, so you may as well choose something that will outlive all your activities. In this case, nothing quite lives up to full grain leather. But, even in the designer market you’ll notice that there are probably a million different types of leather, with different options offered by different brands.

Consider Design  

All women have different preferences when it comes to style and fashion, and this also applies to choosing a wallet. If you want more details and want something fashion forward, there’s no use settling for something simple. If you want something simple, go for something more basic and neutral. That’s an overly simplified breakdown, but the point is to choose something that will last you for many years.  

Pick An Appropriate Size  

Women go wrong with this all the time; you buy a wallet and then you find out it doesn’t fit into most of your handbags. This can be irritating, so consider your existing wardrobe and accessories before buying anything. Look at your current wallet and what about it you want to change or keep the same, and then use this as well as what will suit your existing bags as a guide to choosing the size of the wallet. 

Compartments Matter

The next consideration is the compartments in your wallet. The last thing you want to do is fish around in your wallet for the membership card at the gym, so you want everything to have its place and be organised enough so that you don’t have to worry about it getting lost among everything else. 

Pay for Craftmanship  

When you buy designer, you aren’t just buying the brand’s name and design superiority, but you should also be paying for craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is hard to spot, it’s in the little things, like stitching quality and lining. To get this step right, buy from someone reputable like Louis Vuitton Australia