Maintaining a clean, hygienic environment is a priority for most facilities. That’s why selecting disinfectant wipes that fit your needs is essential.

Restaurants and hotels often use disinfecting wipes to kill various harmful pathogens. The key is selecting an EPA-registered product to kill your target pathogens. Restaurants and hotels often use  EPA Registered Disinfectant Wipes to kill various harmful pathogens. The key is selecting an EPA-registered product to kill your target pathogens.

Disinfectant wipes are pre-dampened cloth containing an active solution to kill and prevent bacteria from spreading. They have become fundamental for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic and are now mass-produced and consumed worldwide. Wipes are simple and easy to use, making sanitization a breeze for everyone. However, most people do not know that the materials extracted to make disinfectant wipes significantly impact our environment. Everything about this product impacts our ecosystem negatively, from acquiring the materials to manufacturing and distributing them.


A disinfectant wipe’s material is essential because it determines its durability and thickness. It also impacts whether the wipes will tear easily and absorb moisture. A thick, sturdy wipe that is tight enough is best for a facility because it will last longer and require less refilling than flimsy alternatives.

EPA-registered wipes that qualify as List N germicidal are ideal for most facilities. These sanitizing and cleaning wipes kill viruses and bacteria on nonporous surfaces and work in as little as four minutes. They’re safe for use on appliances, countertops, surfaces that come into contact with food, and doorknobs.

Other disinfectant wipes aren’t effective on viruses and bacteria but can remove dirt, spills, grease, and other debris. Some of these are made from plant-based materials that can be composted once they’re done. Others are made from recycled paper and have a low environmental impact, making them a greener choice. They’re usually more affordable than a specialized wipe and suitable for most environments.


Cleaning wipes are essential to the PPE (personal protective equipment) needed to combat COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. However, many disinfectant wipes on the market rely on hazardous chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol to kill pathogens and germs. These chemical compounds can harm the skin, eyes, and lungs.

To avoid these harmful chemicals, look for sanitizing wipes with natural ingredients such as citric acid or tea tree oil to clean and disinfect surfaces. These wipes can be used for everything from countertops and highchairs to toys, pens, and cell phones. These natural wipes also contain fewer harsh additives, making them suitable for those with sensitivities.

Disinfectant wipes are a convenient way to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as door handles, fax machines, point-of-sale systems, and hand railings. To disinfect, these wipes must be wet and left on the surface for some time. When purchasing bulk disinfectant wipes, look for a label that indicates the dwell time required to kill all harmful pathogens.


These disinfectant wipes are ideal for cleaning all nonporous surfaces in and around your home. The thick, pre-moistened wipes have a gentle lemon scent and contain citric acid to kill viruses and bacteria on contact. These scented wipes are safe on highchairs and toys, appliances, and countertops. They’re also safe to compost once you’re done with them (requires a compositing system).

Having disinfectant wipes on hand is a great way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, especially in places where people come into close contact with each other all day. Many workplaces stockpile soft packs and canisters of these wipes to ensure employees can quickly clean items or surfaces. Disinfectant wipes are essential to PPE (personal protective equipment), along with medical-grade masks, gloves, and gowns.


The best bulk disinfectant wipes are cost-effective to keep surfaces hygienic and clean. They are easy to use, portable, and safe for all surfaces and materials. Keeping a stockpile of disinfectant wipes in hospitals, offices, and other workspaces is standard practice for promoting healthy practices and complying with health and safety standards.

Disinfectant wipes also kill germs and bacteria on commonly touched items at home. Medical-grade sanitizing wipes have a non-abrasive and clear-drying design, making them ideal for removing grime from hard-to-reach spots like doorknobs and toys. They also contain a high level of alcohol to kill viruses and germs and meet the EPA’s requirements for disinfectant effectiveness.


Purchasing disinfectant wipes in bulk can save money and ensure you always have them on hand. Choose from soft packs ideal for employees to keep at their desks or in a drawer to clean items and surfaces before and after use or canisters that hold up to 500 wipes. These more extensive options are ideal for businesses that frequently serve the public, such as restaurants or laundromats.

These budget-friendly sanitizing and disinfecting wipes hygienically remove dirt and debris from most surfaces without damaging them. They’re safe for sealed granite, laminate, wood, and metal and are an excellent choice for appliances and countertops. 

These sanitizing wipes are designed to disinfect most hard, nonporous surfaces in four to eight minutes. Unlike cleaning wipes, they contain no bleach, which makes them gentler on skin and surfaces. They’re an excellent choice for sanitizing baby toys and highchairs. However, due to their mildness and price, they’re not recommended for children’s hands. They come in convenient travel packs that fit in a diaper bag and are an intelligent choice for on-the-go messes.