Keeping your audience engaged is a crucial part of any live video. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do this.

One way is by using polling. Another is by sharing personal stories or behind-the-scenes footage. It helps to make the stream feel more authentic and relatable. It also encourages viewer engagement.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule for your live video streams can help keep you on track and prevent you from going off script. It can also be helpful to block off time for specific activities, such as asking viewers questions or running a poll.

Use tools like Pablo and Canva to create visuals that grab your audience’s attention. They can be as simple or complex as you want.

Be sure to welcome your audience at the beginning of your livestream and make it personal. Saying someone’s name is a simple way to engage them and build a connection. It will encourage them to come back for future live streams and webinars.

Prep Your Audience

People are drawn to live video streaming for various reasons, from education to entertainment. But no matter the content, preparing the audience for engagement is essential.

Start by creating anticipation for your event with teasers, countdowns, and reminders on your social media channels. Once the video is over, it’s also a good idea to upload highlights or snippets on YouTube and your website and incorporate key takeaways into your blog content. It gives viewers something to refer back to after the live video and makes them feel your business cares about them. Ultimately, this is what leads to audience retention.

Warm Up Your Audience

Live video offers a unique, intimate, two-way connection with your audience that can’t be replicated in pre-recorded videos. That authenticity can help build trust and produce results.

Keep your audience engaged by addressing comments in the chat feature as you stream. You can even offer something for grabs (consultations, products, etc.) to boost engagement and drive conversions.

You can also cross-promote your live videos on other social networks to expand your reach and generate interest. 

Ask Questions

Questions and polls are great for engaging your audience during live streams. Not only does it add value to your stream, but it also humanizes your brand and shows that there are real people behind the screen.

At the beginning of your livestream, greet viewers by name. It may not be possible to say all the names of your audience, but simply welcoming them by name will make them feel valued and included.

During your broadcast, ask questions frequently in the chat box. It will encourage your audience to participate and help you develop future video ideas. In addition, it will show your audience that you care about their opinions and needs.

Listen to Your Audience

Live video streaming can be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Reaching a wider audience, engaging more viewers, and increasing conversion rates can be facilitated with its assistance.

However, it’s essential to remember that live videos require more interaction than other types of content. Creating a quality user experience that keeps your audience engaged is necessary to maximize engagement. To do this, you must warm up your audience beforehand and encourage them to participate. You can increase audience engagement during live streams by asking questions and improving future videos. For example, you can ask for suggestions on what you should cover next or what topics are most important to your audience.

Encourage Participation

When viewers feel involved, they are much less likely to click away. One way to encourage participation is by asking for feedback throughout the stream. It demonstrates active listening and genuine concern for the audience.

In addition to encouraging feedback, you can increase viewer engagement by using visuals. 

Promoting your stream on social media and other places your audience frequents is also essential. It can help ensure your audience knows when you will be live and what you will discuss.

Ask for Feedback

Whether through behind-the-scenes footage or Q&A sessions, giving your audience the chance to ask questions is crucial. Not only will it engage viewers, but it also shows that you care about their opinions.

One way to do this is by asking for their name at the beginning of your stream. It will help you build relationships with your audience and make them feel included.

In addition to promoting your live video streaming event, have the right technology. Without proper scalability and reliability, your users can experience low video quality, resulting in disengagement. Invest in a professional streaming solution to ensure the success of your live events.

Encourage Engagement

The best way to encourage your audience is by showing that you genuinely care about them. It means engaging with them, asking for feedback, and recognizing their efforts.

It’s important to remember that your live-streaming video is a chance to build a relationship with your audience. Depending on your goals, you may want to use the opportunity to convert them into clients, customers, or followers.

To encourage engagement, consider using your platform’s ability to save the stream for replay after the event has ended. It will enable viewers to watch the video conveniently and encourage future returns to your stream.