Cannabis offers a wide range of application methods, each providing a unique experience. Whether you’re a beginner or new to cannabis, understanding the various methods can help you choose the one that suits your preferences. In this guide, we will explore three easy and popular cannabis application methods: dry herb vaporizers, wax dabbing, and smoking.

  1. Dry Herb Vaporizer:

Dry herb vaporizers are an excellent choice for beginners seeking a smoke-free cannabis experience. These devices heat the cannabis flower to a temperature that vaporizes the active compounds, allowing you to inhale the vapor without the harmful byproducts associated with combustion. Dry herb vaporizers offer a more discreet and flavorful way to enjoy cannabis, as they produce minimal odor and preserve the natural taste of the flower. They come in portable and desktop versions, giving you the flexibility to enjoy cannabis wherever you go.

  1. Wax Dabbing:

For those looking for a more potent and concentrated cannabis experience, wax dabbing is worth considering. Wax concentrates, also known as dabs, are highly concentrated forms of cannabis extract. Dabbing involves heating a small amount of wax on a heated surface, typically a dab rig or a specialized vaporizer, and inhaling the resulting vapor. This method delivers intense effects due to the high concentration of cannabinoids. However, it requires some additional equipment and knowledge to ensure safe and proper usage.recommend the dab pen from Gotobuuy. Beginners interested in wax dabbing should research and familiarize themselves with the process before attempting it.

  1. Smoking:

Smoking cannabis is one of the most traditional and widely recognized methods of consumption. It involves combusting the cannabis flower and inhaling the resulting smoke. Smoking can be done using various tools, such as pipes, bongs, or rolling papers. While smoking is a straightforward method, it does produce smoke and odor, which may not be suitable for all environments. It’s important to note that smoking cannabis can have potential health risks associated with inhaling smoke. If you choose this method, consider using proper ventilation and moderation to minimize any adverse effects.

Additional Considerations:

– Dosage: Regardless of the application method, beginners should start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed. This allows you to gauge your tolerance and find the right balance for your desired effects.

– Safety: Always prioritize safety when using cannabis. Store your products securely and responsibly, and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Follow local laws and regulations regarding cannabis usage in your area.

– Experimentation: Everyone’s preferences are different, so don’t be afraid to explore different application methods and strains to find what works best for you. Experimentation is part of the journey in discovering your ideal cannabis experience.


As a beginner, exploring the world of cannabis can be exciting and rewarding. By understanding and trying different application methods like dry herb vaporizers, wax dabbing, and smoking, you can find the method that aligns with your preferences and desired effects. Remember to start with a low dosage, prioritize safety, and be open to experimentation. With responsible usage and an open mind, you can embark on a fulfilling cannabis journey.