Meghalaya, the “ Abode of Clouds”, is a Northeastern Indian State with an alluring natural environment and rich biodiversity. The wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya Tour are committed to preserving the unique ecosystems and rich wildlife. 

These sanctuaries are spread across the landscape. Visitors can also expect to see wild animals, including tigers, leopards, and bird species. 

There is a special Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya that you cannot miss to see. 

Some biodiversity experts also study these wildlife sanctuaries due to the excellent availability of unique and endemic plant species, including orchids, rhododendrons and rare pitcher plants.

Wildlife in Meghalaya Preserving Nature’s Abundance

Meghalaya’s sanctuaries are not only about the wildlife but they also offer the glimpse into the rich culture heritage of the indigenous communities who has home in these regions. 

These tribes and the indigenous communities that protect these regions as their home. The Sacred groves, traditional customs and the harmonious relationship with nature are the integral part of their lives. 

These places are serene with an escape to the nature enthusiasts, reseachers and many adventure seekers who allow them to  immerse in the splendor of Meghalay’s unspoiled wilderness. The vital connection between the Wildlife in Meghalaya and the people reflect their conserving efforts.

Following is the list of Wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya which has a been a great tourist place as well.

Wildlife Sancturies in Meghalaya :  The Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Balpakram National Park 

Balpakram national park is a special place where you can see many wildlife animals. It is in the South Garo Hills district and famous for the Bengal tigers, leopards and other animals. 

You can learn about a lot of plants and animals in this park while being in the beautiful landscapes and deep canyons. 

  • Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National Park, the wildlife sanctury in Meghalaya, is a home for special animals and plants. Red Pands are preserved here which are cute and rare. The park is situated in the West Garo Hills and you can explore about the unique wildlife it has. 

  • Siju Wildlife Sanctuary

Siju Wildlife Sanctuary is close to Nokrek National Park in Meghalaya. This sanctuary is special because it has big caves inside the hills. These caves are home to bats and other animals. There are also rivers and waterfalls in the sanctuary. It’s a good place for people who like adventure and want to see animals in their natural homes.

  • Baghmara Pitcher Plant Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya which is a  home to some unique plants called pitcher plants. These plants are like nature’s traps for insects. In the sanctuary, you can also see other interesting plants and animals. It’s a place where you can learn about nature and how different plants and creatures live together.

  • Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary

Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary is in Meghalaya, and it’s a bit like a home for many kinds of birds. People who love birds enjoy coming here because they can see rare and colorful ones. The sanctuary is in the West Khasi Hills district. Besides birds, you can also find different types of plants and animals in this peaceful place.

  • Amsang Wildlife Sanctuary

Simsang Wildlife Sanctuary is in the South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. It’s a special area where animals like elephants and gibbons live. There are also rivers and forests. People visit this sanctuary to see these animals in their natural homes. It’s a great place for nature lovers and those who enjoy exploring the wild.

  • Balpakram Wildlife Sanctuary

Balphakram Wildlife Sanctuary  in Meghalaya, India is famous because it has a unique place called “Balphakram plateau.” Here, you can find rare plants and animals. Tigers, leopards, and wild buffalo are some of the animals that live here. People visit to enjoy nature and see these special creatures.

  • Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary

Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary is in Sikkim, which is another wildlife sanctuary in Meghalaya. This sanctuary is high in the mountains and is home to special plants like orchids and rhododendrons. You can also see cute creatures like the red panda here. The views of snowy peaks are amazing.

  • Siju-Rewak Elephant Reserve

Wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya are very carefully prsereved by keeping animals comfort in mind and then for the touristy place. 

This is a place where elephants, the big and gentle animals, live happily. The reserve also has other animals and lots of green forests.

  • Nongpoh Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife in Meghalaya’s Nongpoh sanctuary  is  a safe space for many types of plants and animals. People come here to enjoy the natural beauty and see animals like elephants, leopards, and langurs. It’s a nice place to explore nature.