Technology has changed corporate travel – it’s faster, more efficient, and better for businesses globally. It has also changed how customers buy things – from cashless to contactless payments, technology is at the crux of every travel experience.

No matter what you do, whether better communication, bookings or tracking rewards, savvy business travelers can take advantage of all the opportunities with travel management software. As it is, the 2022 annual online travel booking volume was $798 billion, surpassing previous records.

So, what exactly is travel technology, and how can it enhance your corporate travel management? Let’s take a look!

What Purpose Does Technology Serve in Corporate Travel?

Travel companies rely more on new technology to help them plan their trips for their customers. They use integrated databases to create the best products and services. They also use AI to make it easier for corporate travelers to search and book travel accommodations. 

Automated booking systems make it more effortless for travel management companies to get everything done quickly, and the latest data can be saved or retrieved. Travel technology also helps customers organize secure online bookings and automate everything from back-end operations to payments.

Strategies to Use Technology to Improve Corporate Travel Management

In 2022, an estimated 1.5 billion people traveled worldwide, and over 75% of them used smartphones or websites to book their trips. With that kind of usage, we know technology is integral to corporate travel management.

Booking Online: The Age of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a part of everyone’s life, particularly if you’re a business traveler. It’s a tool that gives you control over your corporate travel management strategy. You can book tickets and places to stay from anywhere and anytime. 

Travel companies use these apps as part of their digital platform to better communicate with customers at every stage of their journey. Users can share their problems faster and resolve issues through technology.

Contactless Travel Experience 

If you’re planning a trip by booking a flight or hotel, a contactless experience is here to simplify corporate travel management. Biometrics are already a popular way to verify identity.

  • New options: Travel is introducing many alternatives, including gesture control, document scanning, and voice commands. 
  • Hotels: Brands like Hilton use their award-winning digital key technology for guests who want a contactless check-in experience. You can choose how many contacts you want from start to finish. Check in and access your room with a digital key from your phone using the Hilton Honors app. 
  • Airport Kiosk: Conversely, an airport kiosk automates the most common tasks like checking in, printing a boarding pass, checking bags, and asking for seating changes. Additionally, it offers the same benefits as a traditional kiosk, like more brand visibility, simple directions, news headlines, and public health messaging.


As technology advances, more travel companies are turning to AI to help them automate bookings and take care of customers. Chatbots are the solution for problem-solving, FAQs, and easy use. They are simple to use and helpful for bookings, answering questions, managing payments, and more. They give customers all the info they need and can offer services 24/7. 

This feature applies to information on services related to hotels, flights, car rentals, costs, and more. With all this info, online travel and hotel companies can send out the perfect offers.

Personalization Through AI/Machine Learning

AI is becoming popular in consumer tech because it can help users get the most out of their trips. It can help businesses understand what employees want, so they can have more options and make easier decisions. Furthermore, it can make it more manageable for employees to handle complex tasks. ITILITE offers a travel management software platform that integrates technology with AI to enhance the customer experience. 

When automation works as expected, it can give you all the data you need on travel behavior, preferences, and services. This technology is a boon for corporate travel management and the answer to all issues, from streamlining bookings to saving time and money to automating policy compliance. 

Virtual Travel Consultants

A virtual travel assistant can help you plan and book your trips from anywhere in the world. They provide customized options based on your past bookings and preferences, so you don’t have to worry about any last-minute issues. 

As if that is not enough, they offer all-around insights to help you optimize your travel and expense programs for better efficiency. You can enjoy customized booking options without the high fees that most travel agents or services charge. You can handle last-minute booking and cancellation issues with ease.

Virtual assistants also provide insights to measure the effectiveness of travel and expense policies. All you have to do is call, email, or have a video conference with a virtual travel assistant, and they manage the rest!

Improved Efficiency

Booking corporate trips has gotten a lot easier and faster with the help of technology. Most companies use specialized travel management software that automates all business travel processes. Technology simplifies flight bookings, hotel reservations, hires transfer services, and manages expenses.


If you manage multiple employees on a business trip at the same time, tracking their travel can be a time-consuming task on its own. Travel management software eliminates the guesswork of employee travel planning by providing a single source for all travel data.

With the dawn of biometric authentication, facial recognition systems, data encryption, and other technologies, the security of business travelers has improved immensely. Businesses can now keep track of employees, locate them and keep their data safe.

Expense Reporting and Analysis

Travel businesses generate a ton of data about financial transactions that can be hard to keep track of. That’s why travel tech companies provide solutions to help you organize, track, and analyze your travel expenses while enforcing policy compliance. Furthermore, it can predict what your business travelers will do based on past travel experiences.

With automation, you can optimize your travel routes based on your preferred choice. It can manage your inventory, analyze your business travel, keep track of your travel reports, and even predict when your demand will go up for a certain period. With the latest business travel tech, you can easily automate different tasks.

Final Thoughts

Technology has made corporate travel management comfortable, cost-effective, and faster. It changed how business travelers plan and book trips and improved the onboarding experience. 

ITILITE helps businesses manage global travel more effectively and keep their travelers safe. Virtual assistants and mobile apps can handle all the tedious tasks associated with business travel. Companies can use the opportunities technology provides by leveraging these improvements.