Converting YouTube videos to mp3 using youtube to mp3 converters is very common. However, is it legal and safe? Let’s discuss the legality first.

How to download YouTube videos: Legality

YouTube’s Terms of Service prohibit downloading videos from their platform. However, youtube to mp3 conversion for personal use falls under fair use copyright principles in many countries. As long as you don’t share or sell the mp3 files, converting YouTube videos to mp3 is generally considered legal for personal use.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp3 for free and safe: 5 methods 2023

Method 1: is a popular free online converter that allows you to paste in a YouTube link and download the audio as an mp3 file. No signup or account is required to use this simple web-based tool. is best for casual users who want a quick and easy way to extract audio from YouTube videos. It requires no installation and works directly in your web browser. has an intuitive interface that lets you copy and paste the YouTube URL, select mp3 format, and download the converted file. It can handle both single videos and playlists. Furthermore, it works on mobile devices for on-the-go conversion needs. However, it does contain video ads due to being a free service.


  1. Simple web-based converter requiring no software install
  2. Supports downloading individual videos or full YouTube playlists
  3. Mobile-friendly interface for mobile conversion


  • Intrusive video advertisements

Method 2: EasyVideoHelper

EasyVideoHelper is a browser extension available for both Chrome and Firefox. After a quick and easy installation, you can click the extension icon on any YouTube video page to convert Youtube to mp3 format.

The EasyVideoHelper extension is perfect for YouTube power users who want a seamless way to extract audio files while browsing YouTube. Since it integrates directly into the browser, it enables one-click downloads without having to copy/paste links on a separate site. It is incredibly efficient.

Once installed, EasyVideoHelper puts a small icon on YouTube video pages. Click it, select mp3 format, set a name, and download the audio file. It automatically extracts just the audio in the highest quality available. The extension has a clean interface and is safe to use with no ads or bloatware.


  1. Seamless integration into YouTube for quick downloads
  2. One-click audio extraction from any video page
  3. Clean, ad-free interface


  • Requires browser extension install


Method 3: Youtube Premium

A Youtube Premium subscription unlocks the ability to download any YouTube video for offline playback. This includes the option to download just the audio as an mp3 file.

The Premium download feature is ideal for subscribers who want an official, legal way to save YouTube content. It does require a paid monthly subscription, but provides the best experience with YouTube’s backing.

Downloading with Youtube Premium is seamless. When watching a video, simply click the download icon below the video player. This brings up options to download either the video or audio only in up to 720p quality. Downloaded videos are saved privately within the Premium app.


  1. Official YouTube feature provides legal downloads
  2. Save videos or extract audio only
  3. Works across devices with Premium app


  • Requires paid Youtube Premium subscription

Method 4: SSyoutube

SSyoutube is a free online video converter that allows you to download YouTube videos as mp4 files or extract the audio as mp3s. To use it, copy and paste the full YouTube video URL into the site and choose mp3 for the format.

With its streamlined interface, SSyoutube offers an easy way to convert YouTube videos without installing any software. It can handle both single videos and full playlists. However, be cautious of intrusive ads on the site.


  1. Hassle-free web interface requiring no install
  2. Supports playlist conversion
  3. Simple URL conversion process


  • Disruptive video ads during conversion


Method 5: SaveFrom

SaveFrom is a free online converter that has been around for years. It allows converting YouTube to mp3 files. Paste the YouTube link, select mp3 as the desired format, and download the audio file.

SaveFrom has a dated interface, but gets the job done with minimal fuss. It displays only small banner ads and avoids disruptive video commercials. The site works on both desktop and mobile too. However, the converted audio is limited to low 128kbps quality.


  1. Web-based converter works across devices
  2. Minimal ads compared to other free options
  3. Easy URL conversion process


  • Dated interface
  • Low 128kbps audio quality

Last word for converting YouTube videos

In summary, the easiest and safest methods for converting YouTube to mp3 are browser extensions like EasyVideoHelper or downloading via Youtube Premium. When using free online converters, be wary of disruptive ads. Avoid illegal distribution of the converted audio files. With the right tools, converting YouTube to mp3 can be done legally.