If you’re a cannabis smoker looking to upgrade your experience, dabbing is the way. Start by visiting a head shop that offers a wide selection of dab rigs and nails. Once you’ve found the right tack, heat it using a blowtorch until it turns red hot. Then, use a dabber to apply your chosen extract to the pin and inhale.

Better Vaporization

A dab rig is a cannabis accessory with a banger (or nail), a carb cap, and a mouthpiece. Bangers are typically made of heat-resistant materials such as quartz or titanium and feature a pin through which vapor is inhaled. A carb cap helps regulate airflow and maintain heat, producing more efficient vaporization and a better high. After the nail has reached the perfect temperature, you can place a small amount of concentrate on it using a dabber and begin inhaling immediately. Because dabs are so potent, starting small and slowly inhaling is important to avoid overwhelming your body. After each use, wipe the nail with a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue. This will help keep your rig clean and prevent unwanted flavors from altering the taste of future dabs.

More Powerful Hits

The high concentration of terpenes in a dab rig provides more powerful hits than regular cannabis. This is because vaporization allows you to inhale more active compounds without burning and expelling them into the atmosphere.

The dab rig’s nail is usually made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium to withstand the intense heat required to vaporize shatter. These nails are also called “bangers,” they can be found in male or female styles to match your rig’s joint’s sex (if it’s a male, you’ll need a dome). Once your nail or banger is heated, apply your concentrate using a dabber and slowly inhale. Be sure to rotate the dabber as you inhale to ensure the entire dab is vaporized. When done, place a carb cap over the nail to regulate airflow and preserve your concentrate for later use. You can also opt for an electronic nail, which heats up and maintains a set temperature using its power source.

More Flavor

Dab rigs are often smaller than bongs and tend to be less elaborate about their percolators. This is because dabs are vaporized rather than burned, meaning they lose less terpene flavor than burning plant matter would. A dabber tool is used to scoop a small amount of concentrate onto the nail or banger to take a dab. A dab mat is also recommended to protect a surface, like your table, from dripping wax residue. The pin or banger is then heated with a butane torch until it becomes a liquid and can be absorbed by the dabber tool. Some rigs also have an e-mail hooked up to an electronic heating element that lets you dial in a specific temperature and digitally maintain it.

The vapor from the nail is then drawn into the water chamber by the downstem, which filters and cools it before passing it to the can section. The more holes a perc has, the more bubbles it creates to filter and cool the vapor for smoother hits.

More Control

Dab rigs can give users more control than traditional smoking methods, especially when the rig is properly maintained. The rig will require water and must be regularly cleaned to ensure all residual resin is cleared out of the atomizer chamber. If the atomizer chamber is full of smoke residue, it will negatively impact the quality of any inhaled dabs. After the nail on a dab rig is heated (typically by a torch), a user can scoop up some extract with a dabber tool and apply it to the hot nail. Then, the user can inhale. Covering the nail with a carb cap is usually a good idea, which can help increase the amount of inhaled wax vapor. While a dab rig can be used with any concentrate, some specific types can enhance the experience even more. For example, using terp pearls or banger beads can improve the efficiency of a dab rig. These small, marble-shaped objects are designed to increase the surface area of a concentrate so that it heats and vaporizes more quickly.