Orange’s curriculum and resources help churches partner with parents. They create yearly plans that help families celebrate milestones like baby dedication, going to kindergarten, and baptism.

Their curriculum is based on social-emotional learning (SEL). It is an area of growing research that helps kids cope with stress and become resilient.

A leader-network

Orange produces materials and events that encourage the integration of church and home. They believe that two combined influences make a more significant impact on kids than just one. They take their name from the combination of yellow and red, representing these two critical influences in a child’s life.

This ministry approach synergizes church and home environments to encourage stronger family bonds, build discipleship networks and fuel faith at home. It also helps parents engage with their children at home, leading to spiritual conversations that last a lifetime.

Even though it can initially seem intimidating, churches that use Orange curriculum see it as an investment. It recommends finding a good Orange specialist to guide you along the way.

In addition to their leadership network and curriculum packages, Orange offers a Sunday “252” package with a script for large groups, step-by-step plans for small groups, screen images, theme graphics, and an original monthly song. They also partner with Playlister to provide a low-cost streaming solution for their curriculum content. It makes it easy to cast to the screens at your corps without dealing with USBs and computers.


Orange has built four distinct communities of resources around the ministry areas church leaders typically fall into. Each community contains free blogs, downloadable guides, and podcasts. They also host an annual conference that brings in some of the best children, youth, and family pastors to teach attendees how to innovate their ministries. 

They know that kids’ and teens’ social-emotional learning directly impacts their spiritual development. It is why they work to develop resources that help families and the church cultivate relationships.

Their curriculum is fun and creative. It aims to connect kids with their small groups and helps them form meaningful relationships. They also use unique communication tools that make it easy for families to engage with their leaders.

They strongly focus on celebrating milestones with kids and parents, including baby dedications, entering kindergarten, baptism, and graduation. They have created resources for these events that help to keep families connected, including a parent blog and app. It is an element that sets them apart from many other curricula. The color orange reflects their strategy, as they aim to bring together the critical influences of church and home to impact kids more than either can do alone.


The orange curriculum aims to make the Bible relevant and engaging for today’s kids. It is an excellent option for churches that wish to reach a wide range of pupils since it provides kids with many methods to engage with the Bible and its message.

It is especially true of their approach to learning, which focuses on relationships and connection. Orange is a good choice for churches that want to encourage kids to connect with their mentors and leaders in small groups. It helps kids build community and see Jesus in their lives.

Unlike traditional Sunday school materials in a box, Orange’s materials live online and can be purchased through a subscription website. Each subscription includes a lesson plan for large and small groups, screen images and theme graphics, original monthly songs, drama sketches, and production notes.

In addition to these resources, it provides weekly email templates for communicating with volunteers and a leader devotional that inspires them during the week before leading. These resources make it easy for leaders to understand the lesson and prepare for each week of teaching.


Orange is a unique curriculum provider that creates experience-based resources for churches to connect with kids. Their biblical resources align the light of the church with the heart of the family, believing that two combined influences are more substantial than one. The program uses red and yellow to symbolize this, encouraging kids to add Jesus to their worldview.

In addition to their age-based curricula, it provides various parental resources. These include a podcast, a blog, and a free parent app synchronizing with the weekly church curriculum. It allows parents to reinforce the lessons taught in class and discuss them with their children at home.

Additionally, its social-emotional learning program focuses on growing research that shows the more students can manage their emotions and empathize with others, the more resilient they will be. It is significant for youth who face many challenges growing up. By leveraging this knowledge, Orange can provide valuable tools that help students navigate the complexities of life.


Orange’s engaging curriculum, event experiences, and digital ministry training help churches engage kids. They focus on creating a holistic approach to children’s spiritual formation by aligning the light of the church and the love of home. It helps to build a strong foundation of faith in kids and strengthens the unbreakable bond between generations.

They develop resources for all age groups, from preschool to teen youth. They also create events that promote social-emotional learning and build a community between students. They also offer an app for parents and a podcast for leaders.

The curriculum is easy to use and incredibly affordable. They have various price plans depending on how many attendees you have and what you want to use the curriculum for. The Orange media package even includes free Playlister, which makes it easier than ever to stream your content on TVs in your church.

With a flexible curriculum, a unique way to connect with parents, and a wide range of apps for all ages, it’s no wonder more and more churches are choosing Orange!