Morocco, situated in North Africa, is a country well known for its beautiful landscapes and history. Numerous visitors travel towards this cultural hub to explore the natural beauty of this area. Just imagine how amazing your tour will be if you have access to your favorite car to ride in Morocco.

By opting for Morocco rent a car services, you can explore this amazing place at your own pace.

However, driving a car here for the first time can be challenging for you as you are unaware of the road conditions and driving codes in this country. It’s not a problem for you as we are here with some most effective tips to assist you during your first time driving in Morocco. Let’s start exploring these tips without further ado.

Go Slow

In Morocco, there are a lot of things on the roads. Therefore, you need to go slow. No, no! We aren’t talking about traffic as it is not a new thing in any travel destination across the globe. We are hinting at the amazing landscapes you can see alongside the roads when driving in Dubai.

You never want to miss these beautiful scenes just because you are not driving slowly. Go slow, look around, and save every beautiful scene in your mind. I promise you will love this type of road trip.

Focus on the Road

Don’t spend all the time seeing the beautiful scenes alongside the roads. Make sure to focus on the road as well because, in Morocco, the traffic will be high, especially on roads that lead to some monuments.

Trucks, bike riders, cars, and several other vehicles will be present on the road running at varying speeds. Therefore, you need to be very careful and don’t rush to overtake. Look around before speeding up so that you don’t have an accident during your adventurous tour.

Go Through the Codes

You cannot say how well the law and order situation in the country is, but traffic codes are strictly followed in Morocco. You can see numerous traffic police officers on different roads. They love charging fines and sometimes even taking money illegally as well.

Therefore, you need to go through all the traffic codes before driving for the first time in Morocco and try to follow every code. Otherwise, be ready to pay $7 for increasing speed, crossing a line, and other minor mistakes.

Don’t Rely on Indicators

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but according to my experience, Moroccans are very soft in terms of driving. They usually drive slowly as they cannot exceed the 100 km/Hour barrier on the motorways.

They usually don’t use the indicators for most of the time. If they want to turn right, they will simply drift in this direction instead of informing others by an indicator. Therefore, you have to remain focused instead of relying on indicators and keep a good distance from other cars.

Don’t Pay Attention to Honking

In my opinion, honking is a tradition in Morocco that every driver follows without missing any day. The drivers in this country are obsessed with honking. Therefore, you don’t need to pay attention to it at all when driving there. If people want a path on the road, they will honk, if they have to take a turn, honking will be the indicator.

Above all, if they want to appreciate you on the road, they will do so by honking. The main point is you need to stay focused despite all this honking as it has a lot of meanings in Morocco. If you drive there for a week, you too will start honking without any reason.

Don’t Drive While Drunk

You should not drive a car when drunk anywhere in the world. However, in Morocco, you need to pay special attention to this tip. In Morocco, the roads become narrow in some places due to mountains and other landscapes. A slight mistake can lead to severe accidents at such places. Therefore, be very careful and avoid drinking alcohol when driving.

Pay Attention to Southern Parts

Northern areas of Morocco are well known for their landscapes and amazing monuments. Apart from that, most of the country’s population is in this region. Therefore, once you rent cars in Marrakech, pay attention to southern regions of the country as well. Here you can explore a lot of natural beauty and no congestion.

Final Thoughts

With these tips in your hand, driving in Morocco will be way easier for you even if it’s your first time. The only problem now you may face is renting a car there. Don’t worry, this too will be easy for you as you can rent a car in Morocco from One Click Drive. It is a reliable rental company that offers rental cars at best prices.