When your spouse, partner, or a family member accuses you of domestic violence in New Jersey, you should take the situation very seriously. Remember, life is not going to be the same if you are convicted. If you are going through divorce proceedings, the accusations can impact the outcome, including issues such as child custody and your ability to meet your children. As the first step, review the website of a top criminal law firm in the state and schedule a meeting with one of the experienced attorneys. Here are some other things to know about domestic violence charges in NJ. 

Meet an attorney sooner than later

Don’t wait for long to get help when accused of domestic violence. Meeting a criminal lawyer is immensely helpful, as you will have an advocate for your rights and someone to represent you. If you are arrested, tell the police that you need an attorney, and that should stop questioning. You may have to sit in the interrogation room but keep in mind that you have the right to remain silent and can refuse to give a statement. Being honest with your lawyer is just as critical as they are in charge of finding defense strategies, and if you hide facts or details, it will only hurt your case in the long run. 

Know the consequences

Being accused of domestic violence can be a stressful situation. Whether you have committed the act or not, you should make the most of your rights. Get an attorney so that you can work on your defense, and they can explain the legal options you can consider. If you have an ongoing divorce, domestic violence charges could mean having permanent or temporary restraining orders, which means you may not be able to stay with the family. If convicted of the criminal charges, you may have to face time in jail and large fines & penalties. 

Also, if you end up violating a restraining order, you will have heightened consequences. It is always advisable to avoid contacting the victim, even when you are trying to sort things out. In case of temporary restraining orders, there will be a trial in ten days, where the court will decide if the order should continue.

Finally, don’t take the charges for granted. When convicted of domestic violence, your job and life could be on the line, and there is no reason why you should endure that.