The process of looking for a new place to call home is both thrilling and introspective. It stands for the pursuit of permanence, ease, and a house of one’s own. Adarsh Park Heights had everything I needed. It’s perfect in every way, just what I envisioned for my last dwelling. Having spent the last few months living here, I’m eager to share my Adarsh Park Heights review. The 21-acre neighbourhood prioritises environmental sustainability and the health of its residents. Each of the 720 two- and three-bedroom apartments is lavishly designed. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Adarsh Park Heights Amenities. 

Reasons for Buying an Apartment and How I Got to Know About the Adarsh Park Heights Project

Unforeseen events put me in a position where I needed to find a new place to live quickly. Due to time constraints, I had to find a suitable place to stay soon. I started looking for a place to live that would meet my immediate needs, and I did it with a sense of urgency. During my search, I looked through numerous ads, real estate websites, and suggestions from family and friends.

I looked around like crazy until a friend suggested I check out Adarsh Park Heights. I was intrigued by the positive Adarsh Park Heights reviews, so I did more digging. I was immediately attracted by the property’s internet photos and descriptions. It seemed the perfect combination of a desirable location and a high-end yet homey interior.

Adarsh Park Heights Amenities Are Impressive

I am delighted to share my experience of the incredible amenities offered at Adarsh Park Heights. I entered this residential community and found convenience, natural beauty, and sustainable living. 

  1. I loved being able to get groceries and essentials without leaving home. Convenience stores had everything I needed, from food to necessities. 
  2. Adarsh Park Heights’ grass and gardens were refreshing. I could walk, jog, or relax in these green spots and enjoy nature. 
  3. The well-kept lawns and gardens produced a peaceful scene for relaxation and refreshment. As a parent, I loved the well-designed play spaces. 
  4. My kids ran, jumped, and explored these secure and exciting environments. 
  5. Rainwater harvesting at Adarsh Park Heights intrigued me too. This eco-friendly feature showed environmental sensitivity. 
  6. Whether I was out for a stroll or just taking in the scenery from my balcony, the meticulously maintained landscape made me feel at peace and one with the natural world

Reasons Why I Would Recommend You to Buy a House in Adarsh Park Heights

  1. Adarsh Park Heights Price

The Adarsh Park Heights price proved to be convenient for me, given the EMI options they have. The price range starts from 1.10 crores and goes up to 1.65 crores. I bought my 3 BHK apartments for 1.60 crores. 

  1. Premium Location 

It is situated in a well-connected area and offers easy access to major transportation routes, business hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. With the proper infrastructure in place, a personalised community like Adarsh Park Heights has the potential to become an actual utopia on Earth. The Agrahara Layout and Bellahalli Cross bus terminals are only 11 minutes apart. I may reach the Thanisandra and Yelahanka Junction stations in between ten and eighteen minutes. Reaching the Sri Sai Nursing Home and other nearby medical facilities takes seven to eleven minutes. Greenfield Public School may be reached in three minutes. In just 9 minutes, you may reach the Art of Living Yoga and Meditation Center.

  1. Modern Interiors

Upon entering my apartment, I was greeted by a world of luxury and refinement. 

The interiors were meticulously constructed. Elegant flooring, high ceilings, and expansive windows filled the living room with natural light and stunning views of the surrounding environment. The clean, modern kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and comfortable bedrooms were elegant. After a hard day, the restrooms were a spa-like sanctuary with luxury fittings.

  1. Excellent Builders

After beginning as a small operation, Adarsh Group has grown to become one of Bengaluru’s most prestigious property development firms. The Adarsh Family has about 8,000 members. They provide buildings for living and working of the highest quality to ensure the satisfaction of their clients for many years to come. Every one of our bespoke homes is the result of extensive preparation and careful attention to detail to ensure it exceeds our buyers’ expectations.

While concluding my review, I just wanted to highlight a few important tips while searching for properties in Bangalore. Home hunting can become a tedious and tiring process if you make a few mistakes at the start. My home searching experience was smooth because I got to know about verified property listings on I found everything from the project brochure, actual photos and information about the developer on the Adarsh Park Heights page on NoBroker. This accelerated my search and I was able to find the home of my dreams!