The style choices you make on a daily basis have more impact on your life than you might think. A well-fitted sports bra or a new gym wardrobe can both inspire you to work out. The right active bag — one that’s stylish, practical and won’t fall apart — can take some of the struggle out of going to the gym or out for a run. It can also be useful at work, while traveling and even as a fashionable accent with a casual look. Here’s what to look for in active bags for women. 

Supporting an Active Lifestyle

Design choices can help any piece of clothing encourage an active lifestyle. For a gym bag, that means including exactly the right amount of smart active features without becoming overwhelming. 

Water Bottle Holders

Most medical sources recommend that the average woman drink around 2 liters of water per day. Hydration is especially important at the gym, so look for a bag with sturdy built-in water bottle holders. 

Gym-Friendly Fabrics

You won’t want to use an active bag that hangs on to unpleasant smells, so opt for a fabric with superior durability and resistance. Nylon is almost always an upgrade over garden-variety polyester.

Ergonomic Options

Consider an active bag’s carrying options to find the right fit for your body. Wide, padded straps are more comfortable than thin straps. Better yet, look for a bag with multiple straps and carrying options, like a duffel that can go over your shoulders or a backpack with a reliable top handle. A sling bag or waist pack is a great option for minimalists who don’t need as much carrying space. 

Crossover Fashion

The best bags should be more than just a way to transport clothes, shoes and water bottles to the gym. With the rise of athleisure, your active bag can be a versatile accessory in multiple style situations.

Gym to Office

A stylish and well-made gym bag can double as a work bag, especially if you’re headed out of the office and don’t want to damage an expensive leather briefcase. A carryall or tote style is ideal for pulling off this switch, as they match the visual line of common workplace bags and boast impressive carrying capacity. 

Travel Bags

A durable gym bag is also a frequent flyer’s best friend. Use your gym bag as a carry-on or try a waist or sling pack to keep your essentials close while traveling. 

Fun Colors

An active bag doesn’t have to come in exclusively black or grey. Choose a bag with fun pastel colors, such as aqua blue or soft green, for an invigorating bag that will stand out at the gym. You can also opt for a sophisticated cream color that’s easy to coordinate with other wardrobe pieces. 

Easy To Style

A great active bag doesn’t loudly proclaim that it’s for the gym. Instead, its sleek lines and practical construction make it easy to slot into any casual outfit and even function as a work tote

Performing a simple search for gym bags may only bring your single-purpose options. Instead, explore the wide range of women’s active bags to get a leg up with your active lifestyle and a new piece for your wardrobe.