The United Kingdom is rightly called the treasure trove of history and magnificent architectural wonders. The United Kingdom is a country immersed in history and royalty with splendid iconic landmarks that show the grandeur and elegance of British monarchy. This land of royalty indeed is adorned with the palaces and castles each telling us a story of royalty and a rich cultural enigma that defines the region.

London is a home to various landmarks that are both architectural wonders, especially the splendid ‘Edinburgh castle’. If you are browsing through a couple of Europe Tour Packages, make sure to not miss out on these architectural wonders each whispering a story of resilience, royalty and a rich culture that Europe proudly flaunts.

Edinburgh Castle: A symbol of Scotland’s Resilience 

You will witness this exotic and historical fortress perched atop Castle Rock where it proudly dominates the skyline of the Scottish Capital. This place would be the major highlight of your London Scotland Tour Packages because this can not be missed when you visit Scotland. This architectural marvel has witnessed centuries of triumphs and tribulations, a witness of Scotland’s bygone rich history and culture. This will be your getaway to delve in an educational and historical haven with eerie dungeons and panoramic battlements with a breathtaking view of Edinburgh

This castle homes jewels and Stone of Destiny each narrating exotic tales of Scottish Coronations to you. While you embark on a journey to unveil various magnificent corners of this castle, you will come across the National War Museum and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards; both will be an evidence of the castle’s palpable military history. From the towers of Edinburgh castle you can fall in love with the sprawling city of Edinburgh and the enchanting landscape.

Make sure to make this the most important destination amongst the list of places, while you embark on an insightful trip to the United Kingdom with London Scotland Tour Packages. This will be a place of ultimate opulent regalia which is a time travel to Scotland’s timeless past.

Buckingham Palace: The Residence of the Royals  

You will find this magnificent expanse of architecture in the heart of London. This is the official residence of the British Monarchs since time immemorial. You can witness the extravaganza of the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside this palace’s gate. This tradition has been a captivating experience for the tourists for centuries. The State Rooms are held open for the public during the months of summer to showcase the exquisite treasures from the royal collection, intricate furnishings and delicate paintings. The well kept gardens of this beautiful palace will be your escape to tranquility in the very heart of the bustling city of London. This palace will  offer you an opportunity to visit this pristine beauty, set against the backdrop of a bustling city, this royal grandeur is your must-visit destination.

Kensington Palace: A Royal Residence with a History

This architectural enigma peacefully nestles in the Kensington Gardens. If you wish to explore the history of the 17th Century monarchs, this will be the best place because it has been a royal residence since the 17th Century. It is the birthplace and the childhood home of Queen Victoria. You can visit the State Apartments which have been meticulously and beautifully transformed into a revealed exhibition telling tales of Queen Victoria’s childhood offering wonderful insights of the life of the monarch. The Sunken Gardens are known for their splendid floral displays which makes it a must visit destination for you within the palace grounds.

The place is steeped in regal history and would beckon you to the opulent world of the world of British Monarchy with ‘Victoria Revealed’ exhibition.

The Tower of London: A Fortress and Palace Combined in One 

This tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which will allow you to delve into the rich history with a royal palace, fortress and prison. The major highlight for you would be the crown jewels kept safe in the Jewel House of the tower. The white tower is another highlight of this tower. While you visit the tower, make sure to explore the different uses of this tower throughout history. You can explore the Tower Bridge which majestically stands adjacent to the tower of London offering a breathtaking view of the river Thames and the beautiful city skyline.

This tower is the living testament of a millennium of British History with its rich collection of stories from the origins as a Norman stronghold to its role as a royal palace, prison and treasury.

Palace of Holyrrodhouse, Edinburgh

This palace will be your ultimate destination for an insightful experience of Scotland’s Regal history. This Scottish beauty is located in Royal Mile, Edinburgh and is the official residence of the British Monarch in Scotland. London Scotland Tour Packages offer a wholesome visit to this architectural and historical wonder. The State Apartments, historic Holyrood Abbey ruins and the beautiful gardens can be visited by you. This Edinburgh grandeur is closely associated with the Queen of Scots, Mary. Within its walls you can visit many places meant for tourists. This will be your heaven to the beauty, magnificence and rich culture of Scotland.

Hampton Court Palace: A Tapestry of Tudor Grandeur

This would be your short journey from central London. This court palace is indeed an intricately designed masterpiece of Tudor architecture and a well known foreigner residence of Henry VIII. You can visit the palace’s beautiful gardens adorning the lawns, meticulously designed Tudor Kitchens and of course the infamous Hampton Court Maze which is going to be an exciteful experience for you.

The Great Hall, The Royal Chapel, The Tudor kitchens and a beautiful expansive garden, together paint a vivid picture of the life of 16th C London which will lead you spellbound with a rich history and mystical aura which surrounds the palace walls. You can take a leisurely stroll in the Privy Garden and the Rose garden which are another major highlight of this architectural marvel.

The Royal Pavilion: The Indian-Chinese Marvel 

This architectural grandeur is located in Brighton, south of London. This will offer you something unique from the mainstream palaces of London.This palace was built for King George IV. The major highlight which will leave you amazed is the fact that this palace flaunts a dynamic architectural style influenced by Indian and Chinese design which sets it apart from the traditional medieval style palaces which London usually has. This can be your must visit destination if you love to explore the amalgamation of different cultures fused together to form unique architectural styles. Explore the opulent interiors and splendidly landscaped gardens that increase the beauty of this place multifold.


Europe Tour Packages have a list of these architectural marvels which are infamous historical evidence of the British’s grandeur and regal magnificence. These palaces and castles will take you through the history of Britain, their conquests, especially the opulence and cultural richness associated intricately with the monarchy. Each palace holds a unique perspective to the history of Britain especially London and Edinburgh making them an integral component of your exploration of London’s Royal Legacy.

Exploring London palaces will surely offer you a captivating journey through centuries of history which will also allow you to appreciate the regal splendor and the well preserved cultural heritage of British Monarchy. All these places would together make a crucial part of your London itinerary.