Being in India, we are mostly limited to our typically Indian foods and vegetable ideas. From ladyfinger and potato experiments to cauliflower and eggplants, Indian brains mostly revolve around these. At this moment, getting closure with exotic vegetables can light up your life with a change in your regular menu. These vegetables are full of health benefits and indeed different from our regular foods. Considering this, there are so many varieties of foods to spot in the pure veg restaurants near you. Scroll below to spot how these vegetables are and will be a part of your regular routine. 

Pizzas With Cherry Tomato

While we have been using tomatoes as the key to increasing the gravy and giving the tangy taste, pizzas have redefined the name of tomatoes. Wondering how? All thanks to the exotic cherry tomatoes, that not only look cute but also add a burst of flavour to the pizzas. Look for pure veg restaurants near me, and you will find a list full of pizzas. However, pizzas price so much for many reasons. Be it the size or be it the exquisite toppings of exotic veggies like cherry tomato, everything is worth galloping. 

Soya Chaap Gravy

Soya chaap is no lesser than the non-vegetarian mutton for the vegetarian people. Credits to the richness of proteins and the uniqueness of flavours emerging in it. If you search for pure veg restaurants near me, you will find so many options in this family. Pick the soya chaap tikka, soya chilly, malai soya gravy and red gravy. You will literally feel like heaven on earth. Grab this heavenly taste by ordering food online and grabbing the finest meal while you are residing at your favorite place you call home. 

Zucchini Pasta

This exotic vegetable and a sheer classic kind of cucumber is something that everyone got to cherish. Zucchini can certainly be enjoyed in several ways. Find its juiciness in burgers, wraps and rolls, pizzas, and so much more. In fact, a Zucchini can also be a smart replacement for pasta. Look for healthy pure veg restaurants near me and find out zucchini pasta residing in the menu. This includes zucchini chopped like pasta that is further cooked with more exotic veggies. Order these and relish a guilt-free zucchini trip.

Baby Corn Sabzi

Our typically Indian sabzis have many facets, from some being very delicious to some leading to gastric issues. But it is the baby corn which is delicious and ideal for the gut too. Baby corn sabzi can take anyone to the paradise. Pick the best pure veg restaurants near you and find out the mouth-watering delicacies of creamy, spicy, saucy, and tangy sabzi. You can enjoy these with every kind of Indian bread. This is no lesser than the desi version of an exotic ingredient, making the best out of it. Find it as Baby corn masala online; you will be directed to where you have to be. 

Broccoli Gravy Bowl

When it comes to exotic vegetables, we cannot miss out on broccoli. This is one of the healthiest green vegetables marking its place to be the most used food item. Visit any wedding reception, and you will find the foremost counter of broccoli almond soup, being rich in flavor and benefits. But when you want to order something delicious for your home, you got to pick the pure veg restaurants near me to get fast delivery. Here, you will find a variety of soups and a range of broccoli gravy too. Pick from pure broccoli gravy or bowls like that at The Good Bowl. Their food bowl includes the best ingredients and broccoli extracts and pieces. If you are on a diet, then you definitely need to try it. 

Colored Capsicum Bowl

Just like broccoli is used the most, capsicum is used almost everywhere. And it is not just in one form but in many forms. Be it bell pepper, or green capsicum, there is certainly a huge variety of these available. The veg restaurants know how to specialize in it by adding capsicums in almost everything. From finding these in the junk foods like Italian and Chinese cuisine, you can also find the Indian versions of it when you look for pure veg restaurants near me. You will not miss out on this veg ingredient anywhere you go. 

Red Cabbage Salad

Red cabbage has got endless health benefits. From being heavily rich in nutrients to being timelessly effective on inflammation, digestion and heart problems, there is nothing that this cabbage cannot do. So, to promote good health, you can have red cabbage salads with the addition of so many other healthy ingredients like broccoli, bell pepper, herbs, seeds, and so much more. Order these from the pure veg restaurants near you to build a healthy habit for every week.

Button Mushroom Gravy

Mushrooms are not everyone’s favorite. For those who love it, they would love to have it in almost every way. This exotic vegetable can take multiple forms, from some being a part of junk food to some being a healthy diet habit. So, look for pure veg restaurants that can justify the taste of mushrooms to the fullest by being a part of Indian gravy with Indian breads, salads, Mexican food, and Italian cuisine. You will love to have more of it. 

These are all the mouth-watering exotic vegetable dishes that you will find almost everywhere. You just have to search for the right, pure veg restaurants near me and find the places giving a wholesome and scrumptious menu to order. Wondering how to find such an amazing place residing close to you? Then just visit Swiggy online. This online platform houses for the finest veg restaurants fulfilling all your demands. You just have to be at your place and order straight away. Your food cravings will be polished off in no time. 

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