The Aviator Crash Game was an absolute novelty in the casino world. Previously, players had only similar slot, roulette and card games at their disposal. Experienced players are advised to take a closer look at the mechanics of Aviator. The developers of Spribe managed to develop a game in which the user can win regularly.

Open statistics

The game Aviator was the first arcade game for money in which users could keep track of their round history. The provider added this option not for entertainment. Every casino customer can beat the internal random number generator.

Statistics show that the plane arrives at different values with a certain periodicity. For example, the coloured indicators at the top clearly show that the echelon 2.0 cornucopia is reached in every 3-4 attempts. This already helps in every round to skip losses and in the future guarantees to increase your bet by at least x2.

Automated gameplay

When a newcomer enters the game interface, he finds that the process is in progress and there is no start button. The Aviator flights start automatically and the user decides at which point to place a bet.

This principle was innovative and helped many players to get rid of unnecessary stress. If you lose concentration or make a wrong move within the strategy, you can rest for 5-10 minutes and return to the game at the right time.

By the way, professionals do not recommend betting on every round. Such a judgment is based on statistics, which show that in every second or third attempt, the plane crashes immediately after take-off.

Double bets

By the way, each participant of the game can register two bets for one round at a time. The size of the bets can be different. Some get the first bet to insure the other and protect the user from financial losses.

Unlimited multipliers

Most slot machines include fixed multipliers. Only progressive slots become an exception. Here the jackpots are not limited, but can only be hit a couple of times a year. The shock game Aviator does not include any limits.

The virtual farmer can fly up to x100 or reach almost to the stratosphere and give a multiplier of x1000. Of course, such quotes appear on the game screen very rarely, but in the short history of Aviator many managed to reach record values.

Open player chat

The first version of Aviator did not give casino customers the opportunity to talk to each other. Now, even a player who is not in an active gaming session has access to the chat. 

Live chat is convenient for a number of reasons:

  • Useful tips. You can observe the active discussion and build your strategy according to the general trend.
  • Bonuses. A casino representative can appear in the message feed and give a promotional code for a no-deposit, no-wagering free gift.
  • Strategy examples. Many players play Aviator using the Martingale tactic. A beginner will learn how this tactic works through 24/7 chat.

Each player will have an unlimited number of messages and characters per day. Therefore, playing Aviator for money can become not only profitable, but also social.

The opportunity to use strategies

Perhaps the main advantage of the shock game becomes the opportunity to play by tactics. Moreover, this strategy will not focus on losing less. The user will be able to employ tactics that bring real gains in both the long and short term.

As an example, consider the Martingale tactic. If the bet loses, the next user increases the next bet by 2 times. As soon as the casino visitor wins on the x2 multiplier, he immediately recovers the financial losses of the past rounds and makes a profit. And to reach a multiplier of 2.0 Aviator can in 3-4 minutes. The player will not have to raise the bet to record values.

Bonuses from casino operators

Despite the fact that Aviator is not similar to slot machines, the operators refer this game to the casino showcase. This means that the customer of the gaming club is entitled to activate prize options. The administration offers free gifts per deposit, free money.

The bonus features compensate for the lack of gaming budget and allow you to take risks. Yes, the player has to win back each promotion by wagering. However, licensed online casinos allow sufficient time to fulfill the conditions of each promotion.