Motorcycle crash – It is probably the last thing any motorcycle rider would think about while on the road. Although today’s topic is indeed a saddening one, we would like to put forward the risk factors so that you are cautious next time. But if you have recently suffered from a motorcycle accident it is advisable to get help from a lawyer. They will help you create a compelling insurance case. But for now, let us understand the most common six reasons for the motorcycle crash. So, let us begin.

Understanding Common Causes of Motorcycle Crash

1. Alcohol and Use of Drugs

Riding a motorcycle under the impact of alcohol or drugs can cause a great collision on the driver’s judgment, coordination, and also reaction. It has been reported that around 30% of the riders involved in motorcycle accidents have blood alcohol clusters. 

2. Speeding

High speed does not provide motorcyclists with the time to react to hazards. It increases the chances of a crash. Speeding is extremely dangerous on curves. It can lead to loss of control.

3. Inexperienced and Not Paying Attention

Riders should spend a considerable time training before getting on the roads. As per the data, 20-25% of the riders involved in the crash are without a license. Inexperienced riders do not know how to handle motorcycles in various circumstances. Without proper training, the chances of a crash increase.

4. Distracted Riding

Using mobile phones, adjusting GPS, or getting involved in any other activity increases the chances of an accident. Distracted riding hinders the rider’s ability to notice and react to hazards instantly.

5. Road Hazards

Poorly lit roads, pavement defects, dangerous railroad tracks, sand, and debris can cause motorcycle crashes. These can cause the riders to lose control. Construction zones can also pose risks. Potholes and uneven roads are also reasons for accidents and crashes.

6. Lack and Paucity of Visibility

As compared to any other vehicle, motorcycles are much smaller in size. We all have witnessed a situation where huge lorries are unable to see motorcycles while on the road, especially at intersections or during lane changes. These can result in crashes. Furthermore, lack of visibility due to weather conditions such as fog or rain can also contribute to crashes. 

Let us Wrap it Up!

Motorcycle riders are always at risk of accidents. Hence, it is important to ride safely and be adequately trained. It will prevent the risk of motorcycle crashes. Furthermore, the above causes will help you to prevent it.