We put so much effort into our bathrooms, turning them into comfortable and relaxing spaces for ourselves. From fixing the right ambience light to attaching suitable shower heads, our personal spaces usually receive all the love and attention. In this process, we tend to ignore the other bathrooms in the house, the guests’ ones specifically. So, what happens when you want to give a special welcome to your guests? Instead of focusing on welcoming them, you will be stressed about the little things — ones which are crucial and very necessary.

But, if you’d want to give your guests a special welcome, Sliding doors you should keep the space well-curated too. This means some prior work and planning if you do not want to come across as a clumsy host with minimal doings for the guest.

Natural Light: Light and airy surroundings are always a plus for spaces. If yours isn’t fine, make the existing layout of your bathroom space work, introduce more windows, and refresh the space rather than just another enclosed space. Make your bathroom look bright and let the renewing energy in for your guests.

Invest in bathroom accessories: Bathroom accessories add a lot of elegance to any space. Certain brands have high-quality and superior-looking accessories that glam up spaces. These products have high longevity and durability. For instance, Kohler bathroom accessories have up to 10-12 years of warranty; if taken care of, they can last even longer. Kohler bathroom accessories are regarded among the brands which last for decades.

Minimalism is key: Details matter, especially when it is for the guests. The minute additions, detailing and clutter-free designs are more appealing in scenarios when you are inviting in people. This way, you are free of harsh criticism and have much less drama to cope with. So, let’s stick to the famous saying, “Less is more.”

Plants aesthetics: If you are searching for bathroom design and want to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom space, then adding plants to the interiors could be a good idea. Home plants like orchids or succulents can add much depth to the interiors.

Declutter: Although we suggest you keep every essential in your guest bathroom, try not to put too much of your stuff in the bathroom. It is best to keep some space for the guests. Most of the time, guests need storage for their convenience and comfort.

Keep a guest kit: It is essential to keep a guest kit with quality shampoo, face wash, Q-Tips, plush bathrobes, towels, bath mats, and scented candles for your guests. This allows for more versatility and makes your guests’ post-shower experience more luxurious.

Attach a bidet: Bidets have become many homeowners to go to instead of toilet paper. Most individuals prefer to clean their nether areas with water rather than toilet paper. So, get the bidet attached with no worries. It is going to be a worthy addition to your guest washroom. And it will save you from the worries of getting toilet paper and even reducing waste. Bidets are a yay! Kohler has an array of sanitary fixtures and bathroom accessories from which you can select your bidet. Don’t miss out on the convenience and comfort of using a bidet over toilet paper!

The Mirror play: Sometimes, we ignore mirrors and place one just for keepsakes. However, we must keep multiple mirrors in the bathroom. This helps a space look brighter and allows plenty of space for the guests in your house to dress up, do their makeup and even shave.

One such brand that supplies a variety of bathroom accessories is Kohler. Over decades of experience, this brand has brought 0nly the best sanitary fixtures to the market. It gave consumers a chance to experiment with different bathroom aesthetics, play with multiple colour palettes and add that one statement piece which reflects the host’s personality and taste.