Wix offers many features designed to assist businesses in expanding their operations, but eventually some businesses outgrow this platform and require switching hosts.

There are various tools that can help ease this transition process, and this article will detail how to move to Wix from another platform, with steps for importing data and connecting domain names.

1. Export your website

Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t permit you to move your website elsewhere; their proprietary platform only permits rentals and has certain restrictions that limit what can be done on its site. While this makes moving away from Wix challenging, it is still achievable.

Once your content has been transferred, it’s time to connect your domain. To do this, log into your Wix account and navigate to “My Sites”, followed by “Connect Domain”, before entering your current registrar’s authorization code and providing it when asked by Wix. Your domain should then be properly linked with your new website allowing you to start building! For any further inquiries or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us!

2. Create a new website

Wix migration offers an easy-to-use website builder, complete with templates to select. Add text, images and videos easily – then customize by choosing colors, layouts and styles!

If your primary goal is to rank highly on search engines, Wix may leave you frustrated as its interface does not make optimizing for search simple – particularly if using custom domains.

Wix’s primary weakness lies in its inability to support adding forms directly into blog posts, making gathering visitor information cumbersome and ineffective for most users – or gathering leads from your target market. To address this, a separate page would need to be created and linked from within your post – this solution may not work effectively as you’d need to link directly back from within it in order to collect leads efficiently from your target market.

3. Import your website

Migrating your website from another platform to Wix can be daunting and requires careful thought and preparation. You must choose whether you will migrate your site manually or use an automated service, and find an affordable host who can meet all your requirements.

If you want to switch from WordPress to Wix, Cart2Cart will allow you to do just that by creating a store with compatible eCommerce platforms and transferring all the products, catalogs, customers, orders and data from other platforms onto one storefront.

Transferring a website from Wix to another platform can be time-consuming and complicated, yet manageable if done on your own with enough competency in this area. Professional website migration services also exist if this task becomes too challenging; these will provide assistance with data transfer as well as deal with any technical issues encountered during this transition process.

4. Connect your domain

Domain names are unique identifiers that uniquely identify websites on the internet. To connect a custom domain to Wix, it is first necessary to upgrade to a premium plan (it is free for one year), after which click ‘Connect your own Domain’ and follow further steps.

After updating your NS records, this step will ensure that e-mails continue working after making any necessary adjustments. After making these adjustments, please allow for several hours for them to take effect; when done you should see your new website at your current domain address. If this has not happened already please check your DNS settings and wait some more hours.