Skirting boards are of great importance to your home, as they protect your walls and add beauty to it. Skirting is common but you need to ensure that the boards are always in perfect shape. It allows you to get value for each cent you spend on their installation when they serve for a long.

However, on top of buying the best quality skirting boards, there are also other important things you need to do to boost their durability.

1. Regular Cleaning

Like other parts of your home, skirting boards need regular cleaning to keep them in great shape. You have to use a dusting machine to clear off the dust from time to time. If you don’t do so and it accumulates, the dust affects the looks of your boards.

Additionally, you can also use a clean cloth and soapy water to wipe the skirting boards. It helps to clear any dirt particles that may have stuck on the boards. Also, it restores their clean shiny look.

2. Keep Away from Water

Most skirting in the UK are made from wood and they don’t deal with water. If you expose them to it, the boards may start to rot and wear quickly. So, you need to keep them dry at all times.

Even when cleaning the floor, you have to ensure that you wipe off all water drops that might have leaked on the boards. Moreover, check the different parts of your home to confirm that there’s no leakage anywhere that exposes the skirting boards to liquids.

3. Installing Skirting Board Covers

Another amazing way to protect your skirting boards is by installing skirting board covers. The good news is that with the covers, you don’t need to remove the boards, but only cover them. If they were still in perfect condition, they would stay like that for a long period.

The skirting board covers provide maximum protection to the boards against any external damages. More so, they provide additional protection for your walls thus helping the skirting boards in doing their job. Look for a reliable vendor to get top-quality products and skirting board covers.

4. Repainting

If the paint on your skirting boards is old but they are still in perfect condition, you don’t need to replace them. You have to repaint the boards to give them a brand-new look. You have to first scrap off the old paint and then do the repainting job.

This also applies if your interior designing needs have changed with time and you need to spice up your room with new colors. You can easily paint your walls with a new color as well as the skirting boards.

Protect Your Skirting Boards

The best way to get value out of your skirting boards is by them lasting for a long time. Improve your skirting in the UK by doing the right things to maintain the boards and help them to serve for a longer period.